Offer your residents the gold standard of person centred care


Make it easier and more enjoyable to care

We’ve found that using the Music Memory Box can make caring for someone with dementia easier by reducing aggression, anxiety and confusion. Caring for someone that is happier and more content is easier; especially at difficult times like washing and sundowning.

The product complies with National Institute of Care Excellence Guidelines on how to care for someone with dementia therapeutically.

Improve your CQC rating

By fully demonstrating your person-centred care approach, the creativity of your staff + how life story work can help residents improve your rating.

Use the latest award winning innovation that is both tried and tested to create high impact for both residents, staff and families.

Involve families in the care of their loved ones

We’ve found that people have visited their loved ones more frequently in care homes since using the Music Memory Box, as visits have become more enjoyable and fulfilling. Daughters and sons have learnt more about their parents, by filling the box, and they’ve reconnected rich conversations, singing and dancing.