Covid Update

We’ve been a bit quiet here at Music Memory Box since the pandemic hit. We are feeling the heavy weight of personal crisis in ourselves and our loved ones, as well as the wider crisis in our society, especially felt by carers and older people. This has meant that operating with our tiny team – there’s just two of us most of the time – has been harder than ever.

In developing Music Memory Box we worked with hundreds of people in care homes across the UK and to see the effect on these vital places has not been surprising, but has still been shocking. Our care homes are full of some of the most dedicated carers in our society and despite the systems that failed them they’ve continued to care for vulnerable older people when their families are unable to reach them.

For families where the carer is a friend, child or spouse the lockdown has of course been felt just as intensely. We know what impact a product like Music Memory Box could have had for so many people during lockdown and it makes the years we’ve spent getting this product off the ground even more frustrating.

But we are doing it. Our manufacturers are now back open after the shutdown and we’re finalising and testing so that we have a safe product we’re truly proud of. We’ll be sharing a bit more of that process with you over the next few months until we can open our shop again and send Music Memory Boxes out into the world.

Thank you for sticking with us x