Reminisce, re-awaken & reconnect

Music Memory Box can help your family re-awaken past memories, as well as create new memories for the family to treasure for the future.


Positive activity for the whole family to do together

A diagnosis of dementia can often come as a shock, and can be a very distressing emotional topic. By filling and working on the Music Memory Box together, you can learn important things about your loved one, doing something creative and practical you can engage grandchildren too.

Through the process you can create something together that can help support you through the stages of dementia.

Tried and tested

The Music Memory Box has been designed with people living with dementia in mind. The heavy contrast of colours, the tactility of the interface, how the music is triggered, the familiar look – has all been designed with and for people living with dementia in mind over a number of iterations and pilots with hundreds of people living with dementia.

Make new treasured memories together

The Music Memory Box can be used at different stages of dementia. It can make visiting your loved one more enjoyable as you will have a focus to spark off conversations. During the use of the product you will be making new memories, it could be dancing and singing with your loved one, or you may even learn new things about your loved one.