Founder Story

Chloe Meineck created the first Music Memory Box back in 2010. It started off as an art project for a family member, since then Chloe has been working with hundreds of people living with dementia, has spoken about her work across the world and has won many awards for design, innovation and business. Chloe is dedicated to creating products for social good.

We’re a new kind of design company, we make design for the most important mental health and wellbeing issues society faces. We combine co-design, physical and digital technologies to create products people love and cherish and can support them through difficult times. After years of development, hundreds of sessions with people living with dementia and their families all over the UK and in Japan, and meeting some of the most incredible people living with dementia and their families, we’re ready to share our first product with you: Music Memory Box.

Our Vision

We want Music Memory Box to be on offer to anyone who needs one across the world.
Music Memory Box – is just the start – we will create a pipeline of products in the wellbeing and mental health space that will address current and future needs of our society.

Our Team

Some problems or issues are so complex you need a multidisciplinary team to create solutions. Our team includes artists, designers, technologists, finance, marketing and everyone in between. If you are interested in joining the growing team look at our current opportunities here.