In March 2019 we ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to get Music Memory Box into production. 236 amazing people pledged money towards our goal and here we want to immortalise them forever as supporters of Music Memory Box from the very start.

Thank you

Secret Giver

Jenny Meineck

Mark O’Neill

Pamela Forbes

Steve Gatfield

Myles Sanko Soul Family.

Two boxes donated to Bristol Black Carers.

Early Adopter - Single


Barbara Meineck

Caroline Clark


Chris Higgins

Claire Rudkins


Donna M. Bradley

Elisabeth von Leliwa

Laura James

Open Bionics

Paul & Keith Bromley

Rachel Coldicutt

Stephen Hodge


The Family & Mobile Library, Isle of Man

Tom Meineck


Chris & Hannah

Ed Rogers

Llaura McGee

Remembering Roy and Shirley (and their inexplicable love of Greek folk music)

In loving memory of David Roberts, whose Music Memory Box brought so much pleasure


Charlie Willis

Clare Reddington

Conor O’Neill

Doug Mirams

Eileen Newman

For Evelyn

Gaile Walters

Grace and Benedict

Jamie Cox

Jasmine Creusson

Jen Stein

Joseph Horton

Kate Stewart

Lisa Harewood

Lucie White

Philippa Aldrich

Sandy Aldrich

Seth Jackson

Tanuja Amarasuriya

The Future Perfect Company


In loving memory of Adrian George Clarke 20/01/1942 – 26/09/2017

Aaron B

Andrea Burroughs



Heather Corcoran

Heidi Hinder

Helen Holland

Huw James

Jas B

Jeannette Schmid

Jo Lansdowne

Johnny Tucker

Lottie Donovan

Luke Emery

Matt Webb

Owen McNeir


Rose Martin

Ruth Kennedy

Sensible Object

Tom Metcalfe

Verity McIntosh


“I would like to dedicate this to my late Nana, Olive Taylor who inspired me so much over the years. She lived until the grand age of 102 and I’ve based a huge part of my art work around her since she died.”

“In memory of my Grandma Marie Kitching”  – Emma Kitching

Ali Robertson

Ana Bradley

Anne Puetz


Chris Bird

Craig Barrow

Dimana Georgieva

Gina Ellis

H O’Shaughnessy

Hannah Simpson

Helen White

James Wheale

Jenny Grinsted

Joe Ryan

Jon Aitken

Kamina Walton

Laura Kriefman

Lee Kelleher

Lisa Looye

Lily Green

Lydia Raghavan

Niall Harrison

Nick Triggs

Olive Taylor

Paved With Gold

Penny Evans

Rachael Burton

Richard Hill

Robert Meineck

Roger Shepherd

Ronald Olufunwa

Rosie Cooke

Sammy Jones

Stef Pause

Stewart Morgan


Tom Fox

Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt